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Kaitlyn Jackson

Actor Singer Dancer Choreographer

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Hi, I’m Kaitlyn

Actor Singer Dancer

Originally from Central New York, I'm a small town girl with big aspirations and a whole lot of love: love for theatre and dance, love for music and songwriting, love for the pursuit of knowledge, love for God, and love for my family and friends. Click below for more of my story!


Modern to Musical Theatre 

With foundational training in modern dance techniques, my choreography style is often described as grounded, intricate, specific, and sometimes quirky. I enjoy exploring movement as a physical manifestation of the soul; a way to make tangible the wearing of the metaphysical heart on the dancer's sleeve. 

Story arises from the inter-workings of the soul and the actions driven by the impulses that originate there. Why should storytelling end with words? 

"Jackson captured the audiences’ hearts with impressive vocal control in a quintessential musical style sequence along with perfectly executed comedic moments." 
Countess Lily in "Anastasia" Nat'l Tour
"Carole King, played with both vulnerability and strength by the remarkably talented Kaitlyn Jackson, is an inspiration... Ms. Jackson's performance of King's songs is pitch-perfect and heartfelt, delivered through a powerhouse voice that soars as she brings new depth to familiar classics."
Carole King in "Beautiful" at Titusville Playhouse
“Steven J Heron (Director) praised Jackson's ability to capture King's essence both vocally and emotionally. 'I was looking for that unassuming quiet with the powerful stage presence and the voice.'" 
Carole King in "Beautiful" at Titusville Playhouse

Kaitlyn                Jackson

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