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"dance numbers were a favorite" 

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Where it Started

I started taking formal dance classes at the age of 2; an early start for sure, but it was no secret I was meant to move. I grew up attending Perkins School of the Arts in Norwich, NY which gave me extensive training in modern dance and partnering techniques. When I reached high school, the hip hop program in our studio was basically non-existent but, seeing as I was very invested in it when I was younger, I was asked to take over the program and be the sole advanced hip hop teacher for the studio. 


Because of this background, I love to choreograph modern/contemporary pieces, but they are often infused with hip hop, making them grounded, rhythmic, and intricate. I believe movement is inseparable from breath and therefore breath should be a component of the choreography (or at least a way to approach conveying the essence of movement.) This art is a physical manifestation of the soul; a way to make tangible the wearing of the metaphysical heart on the dancer's sleeve. 

Layering Story

Story is a product of the inter-workings of the soul and the actions taken from the impulses that arise there. While individual pieces surely have story, I find it exhilarating to choreograph for musicals because the story is so much more poignant and developed. When approaching a show, I love to dive into the specific style of movement that exists in the world of the play and challenge myself to stay true to the style, bring something new to the work, and make sure every gesture contributes to the development of the narrative. 


Sense & Sensibility

Ithaca College Theatre Arts 


Norwich Theater





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