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Meet Kaitlyn

Originally from Central New York, I'm a small town girl with big aspirations and a whole lot of love: love for theatre and dance, love for music and songwriting, love for the pursuit of knowledge, love for God, and love for my family and friends.



While all this music business was happening, I was also a full time dancer and was diving into the world of theatre. I had grown up in musicals but really started to take it seriously in high school. I got to play Lola (Damn Yankees) and Mary Poppins (you guessed it), and I knew this was what I needed to be doing. However, having two parents as teachers made me quite the brainiac (I graduated Valedictorian of my high school) so I was stuck between pursuing my artistic passion or my "academic" passion (broadcast journalism/physics/all of it, I don't know). I soon realized that my "passion" for broadcast journalism was really just me wanting to be on TV so I decided to stop beating around the bush and go for those performing dreams! 

The Beginning

My mom always said I was a screamer as a baby so she knew I was going to be a singer (lungs of steel, baby). I started dancing at the age of 2 and was singing in talent shows by the time I was 5. My dad and I would sing at various events and fundraisers and we eventually became quite an established father-daughter act.


When I was 12, I went down to Nashville, TN to write and record my first album of pop/country original music. Years of falling further in love with music led me to my featured spot on Season 13 of American Idol when I was 15 years old (poor timing to experiment with bangs, yikes...), a second CD of original music, and a wide open door to a world of performance opportunities with my band,

Kaitlyn Jackson & Hometown. 


The Latest

So, here we are! I graduated with my BFA in Acting from Ithaca College in 2020 (a tough time to kickstart a career in musical theatre... thanks COVID). But luckily for me, I had the opportunity to join the cast of the Broadway National Tour of Anastasia: The Musical as the pandemic was settling down! 10 months on the road taught me so much about myself as an artist and as a strong freaking woman, and I am so excited to put everything I've learned to use as I move on to more show biz adventures.

P.S. I am the biggest Harry Potter goon in the universe and I have a classic case of Hermione Granger Syndrome: I'm a Ravenclaw at heart but I'm masquerading as a Gryffindor. Not related in the slightest, but I thought you should know! (Watch the video below to see me quite literally living my dreams.)

Kaitlyn                Jackson

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